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Healthcare Services in Khajuraho

Healthcare facilities play a very important role in the fast growing cities especially cities like Khajuraho which has seen a lot of transformation in last few decades. In last few decades the city has seen a lot of change in terms of health care services. As a most visited region in Madhya Pradesh it has a satisfactory medical infrastructural set up. Healthcare and ancillary facilities are very important of the city. Khajuraho has a good network of district hospital and primary health care centers making it adequate to deal with all problems of the people in the city.

Community Health Centers in Khajuraho

Healthcare in Khajuraho

Khajuraho city has a community health center which is at par with the district health center and this is the primary healthcare facility in the city. The hospital is well equipped with all facilities and serves the cases referred to by the PHC at the village level. The health system in India works such that every village is equipped with a Primary Helath Center which takes up cases of the local people there. Any case which is beyond the competency levels of the PHC is then referred to the District Health Center which usually has senior doctors on call mostly 24 hrs a day. The district health center at Khajuraho is a 10-bedded facility with 4 doctors on call all the time. There are also 2 compounders and 5 nurses to assist the doctors in their duties. The hospital is equipped with assets like X.ray machine, Lab and pathology centre, Labour room, ICU, out patient facilties etc. There is one ambulance that serves the city.
Community Health Centre
Address: Khajuraho Ho, Khajuraho – 471606
Phone:” +91-7686272498

Primary Health Center in Khajuraho

Health Centers in KhajurahoThese are rural health centers with basic facilities usually to provide the most essential health care services. They are mostly single doctor facilities and are government owned and run. The main function of PHC is to provide maternal and birth related facilities. Rural women face a lot of stigma in accessing health care and this is due to the inability to travel long distances to avail of formal healthcare facilities. These hospitals also run infant immunization programs, pregnancy and related care, maternal and child welfare etc. Khajuraho also has a primary health center which deals with all these services and also deals with emergencies in the villages like snake bite etc. Apart from this, these centers also provide education and programs to teach the local population about basic hygiene, sanitation etc.

National Rural Health Mission, a government of India planned program is also currently functioning in the district under which there are numerous programs like the Janani Suraksha Yojana which provides various benefits to a pregnant lady on opting for institutional child birth. These facilities have made a positive impact on the maternal mortality rate and the infant mortality rate in the district. For communicable diseases like tuberculosis, free medicines are provided to the patients in these health facilties.

Primary Health Center
Address: Raj Nagar, Khajuraho Ho, Khajuraho – 471606
Phone: +91-7686276511

Government Veterinary Hospital
Address: Dulha Temple Road, Khajuraho Ho, Khajuraho – 471606
Phone: +91-9893142447

Ayurvedic and Alternate Medicines in Khajuraho

Alternate medicines play a very important role in Indian culture. The age-old traditions of ayurveda and homeopathy are widely followed and accepted for their holistic benefits and positive lifestyle changes they bring in. Khajuraho also has a wide network of Ayurveda practitioners who help play an enhancing role to the severely stresses public health system. They provide means of cheaper and alternate ways of healing. Also since these medicines incorporate age old Indian wisdom of medicines, most of them are widely acceptable since they have no side effects if any. Khajuraho also is leading the bandwagon on yoga being a popular lifestyle choice. Good health first emerges from a healthy lifestyle and in keeping with this yoga is being propagated to bring in wide ranging health benefits with very minimal impact. There are various yoga studios and yoga parlors mushrooming around the city and they are also very popular amongst the foreign tourists who have always been interested in this traditional Indian health form.

Kairali Ayurvedic Health Spa
Address: Opposite Airport, Khajuraho Ho, Khajuraho – 471606
Phone: +91-7686272219

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